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Hoarding Clean Out Services done right!

As you can see, Extreme Hoarding Clean Outs, is a complete hoarding cleanup company that can handle any job no matter how simple or complex. Call us today for a free evaluation of your cleanup needs or submit your photos to us and let us get you an Estimate. One of our helpful staff can come to your site, or simply answer your questions right over the phone. Put your worries behind you, help is here and we will get you through this. We don’t just provide hoarding cleanup, we provide a new beginning.

Hoarding cleanup should only be performed by people that are trained in dealing with hoarding and the often associated psychological disorders. The cleanup of a hoarding house can often lead to anxiety, depression, frustration and anger even when the hoarder is willing to have their home cleaned. The training our crews receive for hoarding cleanup addresses these issues and how to reduce the feelings a hoarder may feel. Call the experts at Extreme Hoarding Clean Outs today to learn more about hoarding and hoarding cleanup. We look forward to answering your questions.

  • Free Estimates! Phone and Email Support (for any of your questions)
  • We can do an in person Estimate ($99) or a FREE Google Meet virtual walk through over phone
  • Hoarding Cleanup and Clutter Cleaning
  • Complete Residential Hoarding Clean Up – Occupied or Vacant
  • Recovery of Legal Documents, Sentimental Items, and Valuables
  • Sorting of items for you with your Guidance
  • Moving Furniture around or placing in Dumpster
  • Pulling Up Carpet and Padding and putting in Dumpster
  • Delivery of Roll off Trash Containers from 3 to 40 Yards
  • Cleanup and Disposal Including Animal and Human Waste
  • Rodent & Pigeon Infestation/Droppings Cleanup
  • Household Waste Removal – Cleaners, Paints, Pesticides, etc.
  • Recovery/Disposal of Medications, Syringes, and Regulated Wastes
  • Optional Add-On Deep Cleaning and/or Disinfection application afterwards
  • We bag up all trash/junk and carry it to the Dumpter to be hauled off

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Extreme Hoarding Clean Outs.com is a sister company to our Flagship company www.SqueakyCleanHouse.com, which has been in business providing House cleaning services for over 10+ years Nationwide!