The Cleaning Process

    1. Initial Assessment:

      • Conduct an on-site assessment to evaluate the extent of hoarding and clutter.
      • Develop a customized cleaning plan based on the client’s needs and situation.
    2. Decluttering and Sorting:

      • Systematically sort through belongings, categorizing items into keep, donate, recycle, or dispose piles.
      • Safely remove hazardous materials and items that pose a health risk.
      • If you have a high % of items you want to keep, we recommend labeling the items with a sticker so our crews can see quickly which items to toss versus which items to keep and store away.  Sure, we can do this part for you if you prefer but if you are wanting to save some time/money, doing this before we arrive can help you do so! 
    3. Organization and Packing:

      • Organize and pack items for storage, ensuring they are properly labeled and stored securely.
      • Prioritize valuable or sentimental items for special care.
    4. Deep Cleaning:

      • Thoroughly clean and sanitize the entire space, including surfaces, floors, walls, and fixtures.
      • Address any mold, pest, or odor issues to create a safe and healthy environment.
    5. Heavy-Duty Cleaning Equipment:

      • Utilize industrial-grade equipment like vacuums, steam cleaners, and power washers for effective cleaning. (extra fee may apply)
    6. Hoarding-Specific Training:

      • Staff trained in hoarding disorder awareness, sensitivity, and psychological considerations.
      • Understand the emotional challenges of clients and provide compassionate support.
    7. Biohazard Removal:

      • Handle biohazardous waste, including spoiled food, pet waste, and unsanitary conditions.
      • Follow proper protocols for disposal in compliance with health and safety regulations.
    8. Hauling and Disposal:

      • Arrange for safe removal and disposal of unwanted items, coordinating with waste management services.
      • Dispose of items responsibly, recycling where possible and adhering to environmental guidelines.
      • We provide 2 options here:  Dumpster Rentals or Junk Hauling per truck load
      • Dumpster rentals are between $700-$1000 range and we deliver and empty them only on weekdays so keep this in mind
    9. Repairs and Restoration:

      • Address minor repairs and maintenance needs within the property, restoring functionality and aesthetics.
      • Custom quote for this service
    10. Follow-Up Support:

      • Provide post-cleanup support, including organization tips and resources to help clients maintain a clutter-free space.
      • Offer referrals to mental health professionals or support groups if necessary.
    11. Confidentiality and Respect:

      • Maintain strict confidentiality and respect client privacy throughout the entire process.
    12. Customized Approach:

      • Tailor the cleaning process to the specific needs and preferences of the client, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction.

Hoarding cleanup services companies aim to create a safe, habitable environment while supporting clients through a challenging process with empathy and expertise.