Hoarding Storage Express

How it Works...

We provide the truck rental to move the household trash and items:

    • $250 per day + $1.49 per mile
  1. We provide the Storage unit, which will be close to you
    • monthly fee of $150 to $450 each per month, depending on size
  2. We provide the lock for the storage unit and organize it so it’s easy to access when you need to.   We leave you with a key, storage location & access details also.
  3. We provide the man-hour labor workers to bag/box everything up and transport it to your HSE Storage Unit
    • $89 per crew member, per hour
  4. We offer Storage Box bundles for $147 each and you can read more about them here
  5. Once everything is out of your home and moved to your HSE storage unit, we can perform a post Deep Clean too if need be
    • $59 per crew member, per hour
  6. The labor, truck & supplies must be paid for via CashApp, Zelle & Western Union.  The monthly storage fees can be paid via a card
  7. The minimum for this service is about $1k up front then $150 per month